Monday, May 14, 2007

The Persian Gulf in the News

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Just as the Iranians upstaged the British by releasing unharmed the captured British military personnel who had encroached on Iranian waters, Ahmadinejad has stolen the show in The Persian Gulf from the Zionist warmonger Dick Cheney. Whereas the unlikable Cheney is again issuing illegal threats of the use of force against Iran, in violation of International Law, and is covertly trying to pit Sunni against Shia and Arab against Persian; Ahmadinejad is calling for peace and regional unity. This will play very well with the majority of Arab Moslems, both Sunni and Shia, and promote much needed unity in the Moslem World.

I suggest that the regional powers draft an international petition to the United Nations calling for the US Navy to leave The Persian Gulf. Drive a wedge between Arab States and Zionists in the UN. Of course, first test the political waters around the Gulf, and obtain commitments, before going public with the idea. Appeal to the public of Arab States, as well as to their governments. If the petition is rejected, take the opportunity to prove to the world yet again that the UN is a tool of the Zionist imperialists, and does not honor the rights of Moslems, nor does it honestly pursue its mandate and promote peace and stability.

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