Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Weaker Dollar Will Change the Nature of Immigration to America, and Emigration from America, Resulting in a Demographic Shift

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As the American dollar declines, it becomes less profitable for Europeans to emigrate to the United States to earn money to send to, or to take back to Europe where the dollar is increasingly losing value when exchanged. The weakening dollar is also encouraging Europeans to leave the United States and head for Europe, where their earnings will have more value.

These jobs are being filled by Latin Americans and Asians, many of whom enter America illegally. Severe costs and debts accrue to the American taxpayer as a result of this changing demographic in immigration and emigration. The Latinization of the United States with illegal immigration coming from our southern neighbors makes it easier for the Jewish bankers to destroy the national sovereignty of the USA. These Latins are being schooled by the bankers' agents in Communism, which they will deliberately spread to the US.

A weakened America is far more susceptible to Communist subversion. If we fail to take control of our currency through our government, and fail to help our southern neighbors to help themselves, the American experiment will be washed away by the red tidal wave currently swelling in Latin America, and the Jewish bankers will sucker us into adopting another form of their currency, be it an international currency which will make it possible for the Jewish bankers to create an international depression almost overnight, or a ruinous "gold backed" "American" currency which will further enrich them while depleting American wealth and leaving us vulnerable to a sharp contraction of the money supply and deadly deflation. The solution is for the American Government to issue the American People our own money based on our productive capability and needs.

The Jewish bankers have taught some of their agents this path to economic growth. The Jewish bankers taught Adolf Hitler that the "Gold Standard" and privately held central banks are among the Jewish bankers' methods of robbing nations of their wealth.