Friday, May 11, 2007

Yet Again, the Israeli Government Seeks to Interfere in Internal American Politics and Pit Christians Against Moslems

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

America's mortal enemy Israel, the segregationist and genocidal "Jewish State", openly seeks to subvert the American political process and to use Christians as a weapon against their enemies. Israel, which sends its spies to steal our precious secrets, Israel, which has attacked our Navy and slaughtered our sailors, Israel, which has pimped our politicians and controls our media, Israel seeks to turn our loving Christians into Israeli mercenaries, against the best interests of the American People. Israel is the worst enemy America has ever faced. Those who side with Israel, side with the enemy. The Jewish Talmud demands that Jews chop off the heads of Christians and it teaches Jews that Jesus is the son of a whore, and that Jesus was a sorcerer, who is now boiling in excrement in hell.

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