Friday, June 01, 2007

In Politics, Name Recognition Is Darn Near Everything

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Presidential primaries have turned into a cattle call of candidates. With such a vast field of contenders, name recognition will likely be the deciding factor for many voters. The Jewish controlled media controls name recognition, and thus controls the election.

Much the same thing happened in the Illinois Senate race, in which Barack Obama, against all odds, was eventually elected. Jack Ryan won the Republican primary inspite of his scandal, because in the cluttered field, his name stood out. But the party and the press forced him out. Then Bill Kristol's old friend Alan Keyes parachuted into Illinois at the behest of the Republican Party—an obviously bad choice. Keyes repeatedly made an ass of himself, ensuring Obama the victory.

In the Presidential primaries, many voters will scan the shelf of candidates and choose the brand they have seen in the commercials. It is a betrayal of the American voter, but it works, and in politics, that is all that counts.