Friday, June 29, 2007

Political Ping Pong: What Motivates Some Leading Jews to Deny the Armenian Holocaust, While Others Are Eager to See It Acknowledged?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are, of course, many Jews who, without ulterior motives, discuss the Armenian Holocaust. There are also Jews who do have ulterior motives for denying the Holocaust of Armenians, and those who have ulterior motives for demanding recognition of the Holocaust of Armenian Christians. But why the disparity?

Some Zionist Jews are aware of the British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire's, Gerard Lowther's, accusations that the so-called "Young Turk Revolution" was in fact a Jewish takeover. These Zionist Jews are further aware of the fact that the Balfour Declaration was made to draw America into the war through Jewish influence.

It is an historical fact that some Jews have feared broad exposure of the reality that the "Young Turk Revolution" was a Jewish takeover. This would give those Jews, past and present, an incentive to seek to suppress knowledge of, and investigations into, even to deny the very existence of, The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians.

There are other Jews who believe that the Armenian Holocaust can be laid at the doorstep of the Moslems, and some of those are likely to be eager to pit Moslems and Christians against one another, as Jews have done for centuries. Some of these Jews may be ignorant of the fact that the genocide was planned, financed and perpetrated by Jews, others may simply suffer from the hubris that World Jewry will continue to be able to suppress the general public's knowledge of these facts. These Jews may believe that it is to their advantage to raise public awareness of the Armenian Holocaust in the hopes that it will defame Islam and provoke Christians to hate Moslems.

Though there are certainly honest Jews involved in the debate, there are also Jews, and agents of World Jewry, on both sides of the issue whose motives may be other than they appear to be on the surface. One is especially suspicious that some Jews should take such an interest in denying the Holocaust of Armenians, given the hypocrisy and double standards many of these Jews express, and since one must ask, "What business is it of theirs and why do they take such an interest in denying the history?"

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