Monday, July 09, 2007

Life Is Good for the Jews of Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israelis have unsuccessfully attempted to persuade Iranian Jews to emigrate to Israel with large cash incentives. Israelis have offered Iranian Jewish families $60,000 for simply moving to Israel from Iran—this on top of the normal perks offered to Jews who make aliyah—but there have been few takers.

So what are we to make of the Chicken Little weeping and whining of warmongering Jews who seek to bring America and Israel into unnecessary and illegal aggressive war against Iran on the false premise that Iran is the Nazi Germany of the modern era and is supposedly crawling with "Islamofascists" who supposedly want to murder all Jews? What is so great about life in Iran for Jews, and what it so dismal about life in Israel for Jews, that free money holds no allure?

It appears that Iranian Jews have much more to fear from warmongering Israelis, than they do from the non-existent bogey of "Islamofascists". Maybe the lunatics in the government of Israel will promise to target Iranian Jews for attack, the way that devilish Jews targeted innocent Jews in Iraq long ago, in order to force Jews to flee from the country in which they prefer to live to the madhouse of Israel. Thus far, even with the Israelis threatening to nuke Iran, the Jews of Iran prefer life among Iranian Moslems to life among the Israeli Jews. Can anyone wonder why?

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