Thursday, July 26, 2007

On the Methods of Subversion

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Here are some of the things subversives will do to destroy an opposition political movement:

Mock the movement with clownish antics in order to make it look ridiculous.

Belittle people by associating with them, then acting insane.

Make preposterous and unsupported claims, thereby discrediting themselves and all who are associated with them.

Threaten those who refuse to discredit themselves, with a smear campaign to discredit them, if they fail to parrot ridiculous and unsupported claims.

Sucker people into breaking the law, or committing slander or libel, and question their sincerity if they fail to do so.

Create disunity, disorganization and paralysis through intimidation, smear tactic, paranoia and by pitting people who are natural allies against one another.

Question the sincerity of those who are successful, and thereby undercut their success by turning those who benefit from their success against them.

Steal the thunder of those at the cutting edge, and then diminish the effectiveness of their message by introducing apologetics, diversions and mistakes into the message.

Belittle whistle blowers as if plants, or traitors, thereby discouraging courageous people from speaking out, and destroying their credibility when they do.

These are just a few of the methods subversives use to prevent a cohesive resistence party from making progress, or even from forming. I may add to this list as time permits, and give a few examples and further explanations.