Friday, July 27, 2007

On the Scapegoating of Ultra-Orthodox Jews for the Zionism of the Rothschilds

There is a very small group of Rothschild apologists who are attempting to deflect attention away from the easily proven fact that the Rothschilds were the motive force behind Zionism from the early 1800's onward. This minute group of Rothschild apologists attempt to scapegoat Ultra-Orthodox Jews for the Zionism of the Rothschilds. In point of fact, prior to the formation of the Nation of Israel, Ultra-Orthodox Jews were the harshest critics of the Rothschilds' Zionism. See for example:

What Lubavitcher Rebbe Schneersohn said about Zionism

Remember when Lubavitch was anti-Zionist?!

It is well known that I have long been a critic of the Lubavitcher movement and of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, despite false and disingenuous claims to the contrary. However, it is incorrect to attach blame to the Ultra-Orthodox Jews for the Rothschilds' Zionism, which the Ultra-Orthodox Jews vehemently opposed. In addition, history has shown what a danger it is to scapegoat Ultra-Orthodox Jews for what the Jewish bankers have done. The Nazis, who were financed and placed in power by Jewish bankers, persecuted Ultra-Orthodox Jews, while the Zionist Jewish bankers who financed the Nazis mostly sat out the Holocaust in comfort and luxury.

In my books The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians (see for example pages 231 and forward) and The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, I document the Rothschilds' Zionism and the plan to make a Rothschild King of the Jews seated on a throne in Jerusalem.

This tiny group of Rothschild apologists attack me because my book on the Armenian Genocide is receiving a great deal of attention, as if that were a crime. It is interesting to note that this attack comes at a time when the Armenian community is attempting to gain recognition of the genocide in the U. S. Congress. This tiny group has also attacked Rev. Ted Pike, who has diligently worked for years to safeguard our rights to free speech, and this attack occurred when attempts were made in the Congress to pass "hate crimes" legislation, which Rev. Pike opposed. In addition, this group has attacked Jim Condit, Jr., who is attempting to organize a civil and responsible political movement in America to oppose disproportionate Zionist influence. Their attacks often take the form of a vicious smear campaign.