Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rothschild Intermarriage

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been asked in correspondence to respond to the question as to why, if racial purity is so important to Jewish elite, have some of the Rothschilds intermarried with Gentiles. This is a good and a fair question, and I believe my answer will be of interest to the readers of my blog.

My response:

It is a mistake to judge all generations and all of history by the actions of few generations in a given era. Inbreeding has been a problem for the Rothschild family for the very reason that they not only sought to marry Jews, but that they sought to marry each other. The infusion of fresh blood is a matter of survival and the infusion of foreign blood has a regenerating effect. If we look at the overall history of Rothschild marriages, I can think of no other line which has so jealously guarded its blood.

In addition, marriages have always been made among rulers which garner them more power, secure alliances, end disputes, ect. Beyond that, wherever human beings coexist and segregation is not the law of the land, people of different ethnicities will fall in love and intermarry. This is demonstrably our nature as human beings, and this is the reason why Jewish leaders have sponsored anti-Semitism throughout history in order to forcibly segregate Jews and prevent intermarriage. Are Jewish leaders oftentimes hypocritical? Of course they are. They live by double standards and the ethics of convenience. The goal of Judaism is the ultimate segregation of the extermination of the seed of the Gentiles. Jewish leaders are willing to take a wandering path to get there, especially if it suits their personal needs at the time. Hypocrisy and inconsistency are to be expected whenever we examine human behavior, especially over the course of 2,500 years. When World Jewry builds the Temple, I expect that they will tighten up on segregation through many means, and there will then be more pressure on the rulers to obey the mandates of Judaism. Times change and different generations behave differently and have different needs, concerns and opportunities.