Thursday, August 23, 2007

The ADL, Israel and the Armenian Genocide: What to Do Next

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Abraham Foxman has regrettably not changed his position on the proposed resolutions in the US Congress to recognize the Armenian genocide. I suggest the Armenians attempt to engage the ADL directly in dialogue in a good faith effort to resolve this matter quickly. I suggest the Armenian Government query the ADL as to its knowledge of the ethnic and religious origins of the Jewish "Young Turks" who attempted to exterminate the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

The Armenians can ask the ADL whether or not it is a foreign agent of the Israeli Government. After the ADL partially amended its national policy with respect to the Armenian genocide, the Turkish Government turned to the Israeli Government. Why is that?

It is interesting history to explore how the ADL was founded after B'nai B'rith leader Leo Frank raped and murdered 13 year old Mary Phagan.

The nation of Israel has not officially recognized the Armenian genocide. The Armenian Government should enter into a dialogue with the Israeli Government, and ask them if they are aware of the ethnic and religious origins of the Jewish "Young Turks" who sought to exterminate the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. Armenians can help to make all Americans aware of the plight of the Palestinians, and Israel's illegal aggression against Lebanon in the Second Lebanon War. Armenians can lobby the American Government to cut off aid to Israel on the basis of these crimes against humanity and violations of international law.

Armenians should bolster their already good relations with the broader Jewish community. It is in the interest of both communities that the complete history of the Armenian genocide be told and officially recognized. It is only by thoroughly investigating the facts behind genocides, and identifying the perpetrators, that we can learn from them, and discourage and prevent future genocide.