Thursday, August 23, 2007

The ADL's Lewy and Foxman Issued a Statement on the Armenian Genocide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

ADL National Chair Glen S. Lewy, and ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman issued a statement today, which stated, in part,

"We must encourage steps to create an atmosphere in which Armenia will respond favorably to the several recent overtures of Turkey to convene a joint commission to assist the parties in achieving a resolution of their profound differences."

This statement exhibits bias in favor of Turkey and against Armenia; in that it demonstrates support for the "overtures" by Turkey without comment as to their nature, appropriateness or reasonableness; and further, in that it ignores Armenia's reasons for rejecting those "overtures" based on their unreasonable and inappropriate nature. The ADL's statement implies that Armenia is to blame for the failure of the two states to reach a consensus and proceed on Turkey's "overtures". The ADL ignores the fact that Turkey has denied the Armenian genocide. Perhaps Lewy and Foxman will realize this fact and amend their statement.

Further on in their joint statement Lewy and Foxman imply that Armenia is acting based on emotion; and not on logic, fact, and normal scholarly and ethical standards; when Armenia demands recognition of the Armenian genocide,

"The force and passion of the debate today leaves us more convinced than ever that this issue does not belong in a forum such as the United States Congress."

The ADL should be asked why it makes such intrusive suggestions in an issue not of its direct concern, and why it appears to side with Turkey's positions. The Jewish dominated Turkish Government clearly has incentives to prevent the US Congress and Israel from officially recognizing the Armenian genocide. Exposure of the genocide will inevitably lead to further exposure of the ethnic and religious origins of the Jewish "Young Turks" who sought to exterminate the Armenians. Recognition of the genocide by the US and Israel will also provide an additional legal basis for the award of reparations to the Armenians for the genocide.

I agree with the overall sentiment that there should be a rapprochement between Turks and Armenians. It is in the best long term interests of both peoples and the world and will promote peace, stability and trade in the region and throughout world. However, injustice, mythology and unethical denial are not the basis for rapprochement. Respect for the lives lost and the damages done, and an attempt at an equitable settlement, are the basis for reestablishing sound relations and strong friendships. This also applies to the Kurds and Jews, who participated in the Armenian genocide. Is the ADL oblivious to these obvious truths?

The full text of Lewy and Foxman's statement:

ADL Reiterates Support For Efforts To Reconcile Turkey And Armenia