Sunday, August 26, 2007

America Is the Blind Slave of Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In order for a slave to free himself from his master, he must first realize his condition of bondage. Americans, open your sleep worn eyes and have a look at how Israeli Jews and their agents in America control "your" US Congress and your daily lives and future:

Israel must get US Jews to back down, Turkey's envoy tells 'Post'

Note that the Turkish Government turns to the Israeli Government, not to the American Government, in order to control the US Congress. And note further that the Israeli President Shimon Peres has pledged to pimp for Turkey and subvert American "democracy" and that he commits this act of war against us as openly, freely and easily as a master whips his slave, and the press in America ignores this attack on our sovereignty and our dignity.

Israel is an unkind master that tears at our moral soul and spills our blood around the world. It steals from our purse and spits in our face. It pledges to make us liars to cover up its crimes, and it enjoins our aid to commit further Jewish genocide against helpless Moslems and Christians.

We must break this yoke from our neck, or lie down in it and wait for the blade to fall, for it is a guillotine of our own making, sharpened by our stupidity and lifted by our greed.

The irony is that Zionist Jews cannot make up their minds as to whether it is "good for the Jews" to cover up their crime of genociding the Armenians, or to scapegoat the Moslems and capitalize on this opportunity to pin a Jewish crime on Islam. They will play their games and watch the winds toss the hollow balloons which they have floated.

We have to act for ourselves and claim our freedom and dignity by acting freely and without fear. Our master is a sick little old man and if we tug ever so slightly at the chains which bind us to him, it is he who will fall and choke on the dust. We are a lion cowering before a yapping miniature mutt. He has bitten our nose and one swipe of our paw will end the noise. Recognize the enemy and tell the Israelis to stay out of our country or we will respond to their war against us.