Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An Armenian Delegation Should Query Foxman on the Facts

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Top Armenian leaders and Armenian Government officials should formally ask Abraham Foxman if he is aware of the ethnic and religious origins of the so-called "Young Turks" who were behind the Armenian genocide. They should also officially query the Israeli Government, and demand that it immediately and officially recognize the Armenian genocide and the ethnic and religious origins of the Jewish "Young Turks" who sought to exterminate the Armenian People in the Ottoman Empire. These letters of inquiry should be accompanied by press releases. This should immediately forward this issue into the public arena, and if it does not, there will be more obvious questions to be asked.

It is well known that many Armenian leaders in the period from 1894-1923 were cowards, who not only failed to save the Armenian People from their enemy, but openly cooperated with that enemy to mass murder Armenians in the hopes of personal and political profit, which never came. Many of these cowards were Freemasons, who justified their inhumanity and treachery as obedience to a murderous gang "with a higher purpose". The common Armenian needs to wake up to this treachery. Another Armenian genocide is in the works for World War III. Fortunately, there are Armenians today who are willing to fight for the security and dignity of the Armenian People.