Saturday, August 25, 2007

Focus Attention on Jewish Crimes Against Humanity by Suing Israel and Jewish Bankers

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Nations and Peoples should file law suits, individually, and collectively, against the Jewish bankers and Israel for their acts of theft, genocide, revolution and war. Make this struggle for self preservation an economic and political battle, instead of a physical fight. Drain the economic resources of World Jewry and expose their inhuman crimes and then World Jewry will no longer have the ability to drag the human race into another World War of their manufacture.

Instead of fighting one another in a war, both Armenia and Turkey should sue the Jewish bankers, and Israel which has profited from the crimes of the Jewish bankers, for the destruction of the Turkish Empire and Turkish culture, religion and self-rule, and for the genocide of the Armenian People.

This will end the march towards war which World Jewry is ginning up between Armenians and Turks by pitting them against one another. The mere act of filing such suits at law will focus the attention of the World public on Jewish crimes against the human race, and discourage further such acts of violence and subversion.

Learn from the Jews how they are starting a fight between Turks and Armenians for the sake of Jewish profits, and defeat them by joining with the Moslems against the common foe. Do not let World Jewry be the arbiter of your fate, or you will revisit the horrors of 1915 compounded by the force of nuclear bombs, and fooled twice in the same way the blame will rest in large part on your own shoulders as evil people exploit your greed, opportunism and anger to destroy you exactly as they have done in the past.

Continue to work with decent Jews who have the common objectives of peace and justice. What a wonderful World it will be if we can divide World Jewry and turn it towards good purposes instead of foul.