Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It Is Time For Decent Jews to Stand Up and Be Heard

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


When the indecent Jewish "Young Turks" took over the Ottoman Empire and began to slaughter Christians in 1909 and 1911, Brits pleaded with decent Western Jews to do something to end the carnage. Their cries for help not only went unheeded, but indecent Jewish leaders defamed those who spoke out on behalf of the Armenian Christians, whom Jews were mass murdering in the Ottoman Empire. Then, in 1915, these Jews who led the Ottoman Empire genocided 1.5 million Armenian Christians.

If decent Jews had spoken out, these 1.5 million Armenians would not have been murdered. The same happened in 1919, when Brits begged decent Jews to demand that the indecent Jewish Bolsheviks stop mass murdering Christian Slavs. Again, indecent Jewish leaders ridiculed these cries for help, and decent Jews were largely silent. Tens of millions of Christian Slavs then perished at the hands of Jewish Bolshevists like Lazar Kaganovich.

Today, Armenians are merely asking for recognition of the crimes perpetrated against them. Jewish leaders have long obstructed such recognition—little wonder why. When we tell the truth about these crimes, defamations are hurled at us for reporting the facts. It is high time for decent Jews to demand that this end once and for all time.

Today, indecent Jewish leaders are defaming Moslems and mass murdering them in Iraq, Palestine and recently in Lebanon; just as they defamed Armenian and Slavic Christians before genociding them. These criminals are attempting to provoke Americans to genocide the Iranians and Syrians with nuclear bombs. Then will come the genocide of the Saudis, Jordanians, Egyptians, Lebanese, etc. and again the Armenians, and again the Russians and Chinese, whom Jewish Bolsheviks and Jewish "Young Turks" have been killing in the millions for decades. The murder will escalate to billions, perhaps to the extermination of the human race, if we do not stop these killers.

This ancient Jewish war against the human race has got to end now, and decent Jews must stand up now and be heard. Psychopathic presidential candidates, bought and paid for by unimaginably wealthy Jews in Herzliya and New York, are openly calling aggressive nuclear war "an option" which must be "left on the table"—like the annihilation of the Iraqis was before, for this same group of Jewish leaders. Is genocide truly "an option"? For them, it quite demonstrably is.

The source of this madness is the Jewish community, and this madness must end. Decent Jews must rise as never before and put a halt to the criminal insanity of Jewish leaders who are again organizing and orchestrating genocide against helpless human beings. Jewish leadership is deliberately leading the World toward a nuclear World War III. There can be no better eyeopener for decent Jews who are unaware of this history, than the obstacles Jewish leaders put on the path to recognition of the Armenian genocide, which Jewish leaders perpetrated 92 years ago, four years after Jews in general were politely asked in the pages of the Times of London to do something to stop the killing of Christians.