Friday, August 24, 2007

Jews Are Again Trying to Pit Moslems and Christians Against One Another in Order to Steal the Oil of Baku and to Spark a Third World War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is vitally important to warn Turkish and Azerbaijani Moslems that Jews in Turkey and Azerbaijan, and traitors and crypto-Jews in Armenia, are trying to foment a war over the issue of the Armenian genocide. Top Jews hope that this war will balloon into World War III and drag in Russia and Iran. Top Azers are after Northern Iran, which has a large Azer population, and much territory which rightfully belongs to Armenians, and which is demographically predominantly Armenian. Top Armenians are again eager to sacrifice millions of Armenian lives in hopes of getting their hands on the oil of Baku. The Turks and Russians are also after Baku.

World Jewry is promising top Armenians that if they instigate World War III, then after this war the map of the region will be redrawn to expand Armenia into what is today Eastern Turkey, Azerbaijan and Northern Iran. World Jewry is promising the Azers that if they help provoke World War III, that after this war there will be a peace conference which will expand the borders of Azerbaijan to take much of Armenia, Iran and Nagorno-Karabakh. World Jewry is promising the Kurds that if they instigate World War III, they will ultimately be given the oil of Northern Iraq and Baku, and the city of Kirkuk, and that a new nation of Kurdistan will be formed. The Turks are being promised that if they roll over the Kurds and Armenians, that they will absorb Azerbaijan and seize control of Baku.

Obviously, these are mutually exclusive, false promises. The benefactors will be, and only be, the Israelis who have desired to take "Greater Israel" from the Nile of Egypt to the Euphrates of Iraq, and beyond, for 2,500 years or more. Rich Jews will take over the oil fields of the entire region, including Baku, as they did after the First World War, and as they have sought to do since the 1870's.

A political solution is needed to head off this Jewish instigated march towards World War III. Perhaps Armenia and Azerbaijan could unite and form a prosperous superstate and chase out the Jewish influence which is deliberately bringing them into conflict. Armenia and Turkey can seek rapprochement by exposing the Jewish origins of the "Young Turks" and chasing the Doenmeh out of power in Turkey. This would relax the growing tensions in the region and promote stability, trade and prosperity for all of the parties involved, and for the sake of humanity at large.