Sunday, August 26, 2007

On the Myth That It Is Legal for the Jewish Lobby to Pressure Congress to Commit Crimes Against Humanity

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish lobby and those who fear being called "anti-Semitic" for telling the truth, float the myth that it is legal for these agents of Israel to subvert our democracy and conspire to lead us into crimes against humanity, and other crimes directly against the interests of the American People. It is a pernicious and persistent myth that traitorous Zionist Jews and their hires have the right to steal our wealth, lead us into unnecessary war and ruin our reputation around the World.

Their criminal organizations, which bribe, blackmail and coerce our politicians, do not do so under the cover of law, but under the cover of cowardice and corruption. It is illegal for them to conspire to cause the United States of America to violate international law. It is illegal for them to conspire to steal our national treasure. It is illegal for them to conspire to corrupt our politicians in order to win their support for Israeli crimes against humanity.

The fact that they are successful in their crimes and commit them with seeming impunity, does not mean that they are operating within the law. Rather it means that Americans have been led into collusion with these crimes and are too corrupted and lazy to stand up for the law and for their own rights under the law.

There is no freedom of the press, when the press is owned by a foreign power intent upon corrupting and destroying our country. The principle of a free press is not fulfilled by submitting to a private tyranny.

The system has failed to secure our rights and we do not abandon these rights by securing them against a wealthy disloyal minority which has exploited our naivete and passiveness, and purchased our press. We must shatter the Zionist monopoly of our press, and this can be accomplished with the stroke a pen. The right to free expression is not the right of a disloyal minority to own and manipulate all of the main arteries of public expression. No such right exists in a free society. We have to abandon the childish delusion that only our government can impose tyranny upon us. We have a very private tyrant whose loyalty to his nation calls for him to use and destroy us.

We would not tolerate it if the government took over our press. Why do we tolerate it when a private, disloyal and hostile Zionist cartel has taken over our press? Is it less a destructive tyranny because it is in private hands? We demand a free press to secure our liberty. Liberty is the higher principle and is not achieved by allowing criminals to enslave us through predominant ownership and corruption of our press, which must exist to preserve our liberty if we are to be free. A monopolized press which creates and perpetuates slavery and treason is the enemy of liberty and life.