Sunday, September 09, 2007

According to Abraham Foxman, Turkey Is Israel's Second Most Important Ally

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Abraham Foxman has made two bold declarations which may strike many of my readers as amazing statements, but which come as no surprise to me:

"There was also our concern for the safety and wellbeing of Israel, whose relationship with Turkey is very critical. After the United States, Turkey is Israel's most important ally."


"We are not apologetic about the way we have handled this sensitive subject."

Turkey is more important to Israel than Great Britain, at this time. To me, that indicates that Israel is preparing for the Third World War, which will set the Middle East on fire. Israel cannot survive the inferno it plans to start without the aid of Doenmeh-controlled Turkey. I have known this all along and have been speaking and writing about it for years.

This is why I have been stressing the importance of driving a wedge between Israel and Turkey, between the Moslem Turks and the Jews and crypto-Jews who tyrannically run their lives and work against their best interests.

As I have been saying for quite some time, one of the best ways to prevent World War III is to inform the Turks as to how they are being manipulated and controlled and to instruct them as to how to save themselves and humanity from the subversive Jews whose ancestors destroyed the Turkish Empire and committed genocide against the Armenians. This Turkish Jewish culture has produced some of the worst crimes against humanity the world has as yet endured, and it produced the First World War. We cannot allow it to produce a nuclear Third World War. There are no more vile and dangerous messianic lunatics on earth than the Doenmeh Jews who run Turkey. They retain Jacob Frank's original plans for the destruction of the human race.

Exposing The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians will expose the genocidal Doenmeh Jews of Turkey and their Frankist plan for WW III. Please, help me to accomplish this most desirable end.