Thursday, September 13, 2007

The ADL's Propaganda Campaign to Vilify Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Anti-Defamation League has announced that it is launching a broad propaganda campaign to turn the world against Iran in order to generate a climate of fear and panic which will sponsor more aggressive action in the United Nations destined to harm and weaken the Iranian People. The ADL plans to distribute posters which will generate alarm about the alleged Iranian peril:

No Nuclear Iran

ADL Campaign Says 'No' to Nuclear Iran

ADL Campaign Says 'No' to Nuclear Iran

The Nazis used to pass out posters vilifying Jews. This same type of Volksverhetzung led to the mass murder of millions of Iraqis through vicious "sanctions" which were a de facto campaign of genocide, and through the genocidal and aggressive American attack on Iraq. In a nation which tolerates poster campaigns to vilify a group of human beings, there is likely to eventually be a poster campaign to attack Jews as if a sub-human "race". The ADL is setting the precedent for such an attack.