Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Armenians and Turks Should Unite Against the Common Enemy of Israel and Zionism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I hope that Christians side with true Turks and Moslems against the onslaught coming from Zionist Jews, and that Turks and Armenians recognize the common enemy of Zionist Jewry and confront it with peace and justice between themselves and all of humanity, just as Christianity and Islam teach them to do. Leave the hatred to the Zionists, they are good at it. Ignore any attempts to pit Christians and Moslems against one another. Encourage Turkey to leave Israel behind and join with Armenia in building on peace and stability in the region. Armenians and Turks should realize that Israelis and Zionists are warring against you and that your best option is a union between Islam and Christendom to form a common front against Zionist aggression and subversion.

Turks and Armenians should realize that Israel is attacking you both, whether you have the guts and self-respect to fight back, or not. The best means to fight back is to make amends with one another, form alliances instead of enmity, and shut out the Zionist agitators who are pitting you against one another, as they did in 1915.

Christianity will be stronger with Islam as an ally rather than an enemy. Islam will be stronger with Christendom as an ally rather than as an enemy. Israel, it seems, refuses to make peace with any religion including Judaism, though it exploits other religions to their detriment.

Armenia in particular will be much stronger and far more likely to last another 2,000 years with Islam as a friend, rather than an unnecessary enemy. Imagine the trade and prosperity potential with 1.5 billion Moslem friends, and with Armenia as the natural bridge between Russia and Turkey. Pollyannaish, or the true tenets of Islam and Christianity put into play? The choice is between forming a common front against a common enemy, or mutual assured destruction, and it is your choice to make.