Monday, September 10, 2007

A Critical Analysis of "Blogian's" Smear Campaign, and of His Whitewash of the Predominant Role Which Jews Played in the Armenian Genocide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A web-based commentator is engaging in a vicious, though transparently hollow and childish, smear campaign against me—a Jew—in an obvious attempt to intimidate anyone who would identify the predominant Jewish role in the Armenian genocide. He has thus far failed to identify himself by name, though I have requested from him his name. He posts under the nom du plume "Blogian" at, which is registered to Simon Maghakyan.

"Blogian's" arguments are rather juvenile and ill conceived. Somehow, when I, a Jew, point out that leading figures in the Armenian genocide were Jews, Blogian feels justified in defaming me, but when he parrots precisely the same facts which I have brought to the fore, the same action is mysteriously transformed into an act worthy of praise. Blogian sophistically attempts to distinguish the same set of facts, without proving a difference.

He argues that because there were other players than Jews involved in the Armenian genocide, the proven predominant role of Jews cannot be recognized as a Jewish role. For example, Blogian waves his hands and screams at the world that he is not interested in the facts and has not read my book, but nevertheless is entitled to criticize it,

"And please. Don't tell me I need to waste my time reading a 500-page book that tells me my people were cleansed out of their ancestral homeland by the Jews. The fact that some masterminds of the Armenian Genocide had Jewish heritage doesn't prove much - there were masterminds who also had Assyrian and even Armenian blood. And, perhaps, some individual Jews have benefitted from the Armenian Genocide by having some business competition eliminated, etc. But what does this have to do with the Armenian-Turkish conflict?"

The Jewish origin of the genocide, of course, has everything to do with the Armenian genocide, as I have thoroughly proven, much to Blogian's dismay. The known Jews Talaat Pasha, Emmanuel Carasso, Djavid Bey and Dr. Nazim, among many others, led the so-called "Young Turks" who genocided the Armenians. Why is this an inconvenient fact for Blogian? Is he not interested in the truth?

As I have proven, the Jews believed that Armenians are Amalekites, a race which the Jewish God commands the Jews to exterminate, a quite relevant fact in the Armenian genocide. The Jews sought to take over Armenian businesses. The Jewish British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli set up the Armenians by taking away Russian guarantees of protection in the Treaty of Berlin. The Jews Talaat Pasha and Dr. Nazim issued direct orders for the complete extermination of the Armenians in the precise terms with which Judaism compels the Jews to exterminate the Amalekites. The predominant Jewish role, and the Zionist motives for the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire, were well known to contemporaries including the British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, Sir Gerard Lowther. I will not bother to attempt to explain to our Blogian the Jewish role in inspiring pan-Turkism. Such factual subtleties he has deemed irrelevant and expressions of "anti-Semitism", except when he copies them, of course.

If "Blogian" can prove, as he claims, that there were Assyrian and Armenian masterminds behind the Armenian genocide, then he should offer his proof. Let him show, as I have shown of the Jews, that there is a racist mythology entrenched in the religious beliefs of Assyrians and Armenians which claims that Armenians are a race which must be exterminated. Let him quote the orders of Assyrians and Armenians, as I have done of the Jews, which call for the complete extermination of the Armenians in the precise language of their religious mythologies. Let him show that Armenians and Assyrians took over the leading role of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, as I have shown of the Jews. This, Blogian cannot do, and his excuse for ignoring the predominant and extensive Jewish role in the Armenian genocide is therefore based on a false comparison, and even if it were not, it would not constitute a reason to whitewash the proven predominant and extensive Jewish role in the Armenian genocide.

Ironically, this "Blogian", who pretends to lecture the world on tolerance, iterated the following chauvinistic attack directed at a woman,

"I have my own conspiracy theory about Ms. [woman's name deleted]; she needs to get laid."

Such is the base and vulgar level of Blogian's writings. But what is it that motivates this person to whitewash the Jewish role in the Armenian genocide? Will he debate the issue? Is "Blogian" capable of expressing himself in a rational fashion, without hiding behind ad hominem attack?

I doubt it. In the brief correspondence I have had with "Blogian", he only grows increasingly childish and insulting when confronted with reality.