Friday, September 07, 2007

"Genocide Zealots"?

The Wikipedia page for the National Review states, among other things,

"The magazine's current editor is Rich Lowry. Many of the magazine's commentators are affiliated with think-tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute. This arrangement encourages these and other groups to share most political opinions with the magazine.

One would not be surprised to find a Zionist bent to such a publication.

The National Review Online published the following article:

Judgment Time: Should America recognize an Armenian Genocide? By Barbara Lerner

Lerner dubs those seeking recognition of the Armenian genocide, "genocide zealots", which incorrectly implies that these persons are proponents of genocide, when in point of fact they are active opponents of genocide. For this reason alone, Lerner and the National Review Online should retract her inflammatory and irresponsible article and apologize for it. But there is more. . .

Though she, herself, states that Israel, and organized Jewry, have long opposed recognition of the Armenian genocide, she demeans and accuses Armenians who acknowledge these same facts which she has acknowledged, of being conspiratorialists,

"On many blogs and websites, Armenians often accuse these scholars of being part of a Jewish and/or Zionist conspiracy, because Israel has always steadfastly rejected the genocide charge, as Turkey’s own Jewish citizens do. In America, all of the existing long-established Jewish organizations also reject it (that is, until last month when one major American Jewish organization capitulated under mounting pressure)."

Lerner is alarmed that Turkey, which is by her account "99-percent Muslim", should elect Moslem leadership. She appears to condemn the EU for celebrating the triumph of democracy over dictatorship, and Lerner endorses instead the dictatorial rule of the crypto-Jew Ataturk, who was descended from the false Jewish messiah Shabbatai Zevi, and who destroyed the Turkish Empire and the Armenian Republic. Lerner writes,

"Popular grief and anger builds as the Turkish death toll rises, week after week, feeding into a growing Islamist trend in Turkey, as witnessed by the fact that Turkey is no longer governed by any of its old secular parties. It is now instead governed by what the EU and trans-nationals everywhere are pleased to call 'a moderate Islamic party.' This party not only embraces the EU, but also has much closer relations with the Arab world than any previous government of the Turkish Republic Ataturk foundedin [sic] 1923. All this leaves our traditional, longtime Turkish friends — pro-American, Ataturk-style, secular Republican nationalists — between a rock and a hard place."

Do not Moslems enjoy the human right of self determination and self rule, or is self government the sole province of Zionist Jews who steal territory from Moslems by means of bloodshed, war, concentration camps, terror and state-sponsored genocidal apartheid?