Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jet Propelled Trial Balloons Bombing Syria: Setting a Contemporary Precedent for Bombing Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israel has again attacked Syria. Syria did not take the bait to counter-attack when Israel recently waged war against Syria. Now Syria is calling for the UN to meet its obligations and act against Israel's illegal military aggression. The credibility of the UN is on the line.

Israel, obviously disappointed that Syria did not take the bait, is scapegoating Syria for Israel's criminal attack. Israel is using the Zionist owned media to promote the idea that Israel was acting in self-defense. Israel is attempting to turn its provocation to war into a precedent for more war against Iran under the false pretense of self-defense.

If the UN fails to meet its responsibility to act against Israel for the illegal Israeli attack on Syria, the UN will be giving the Israelis the green light to attack Iran. Iran will likely respond to the illegal aggression with a counter-attack, especially since the UN will yet again have shown that it is owned and operated by the Israelis, and will not function to protect Iranians from illegal Israeli aggression, but will instead shield Israel from prosecution for Israeli crimes.

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