Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jewry Versus Iran Is Jewry Versus Humanity

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


When we hear about Iran in the Jewish controlled media, we hear two lies of concern to Jewry. One is that Ahmadinejad is a "Holocaust denier" and the other is that Ahmadinejad has said that he "wants to wipe Israel off the map". When we see protests against Iran, two things are prominent. One is the dehumanizing signs, which are a hate crime under current law causing fear among Moslems, which signs are promoted by Jewish organizations. The other is Jews wearing yarmulkas and scarves (Jewish women are not supposed to show their natural hair and are required to wear wigs or scarves in public).

This orchestrated, artificial aggressive attack on Iran is clearly a Jewish war on Iran and nothing else. Those who are not Jewish who are sponsoring it are traitors, with either an interest in personal gain or a psychotic religious motive for doing so which has been created and sponsored by Jewry for the purpose.

As Jews around the world beat the war drums through the media and politicians they own, it is important to remember that Iran is simply the current target of their ancient war on the human race. Israel attacked its neighbor Lebanon last year and Syria this year, and has been committing genocide by attrition on the Palestinians for a very long time.

By its own accounts, Jewry destroyed, or used others to destroy, Egypt, Rome, Greece, Babylon, etc. Jewry was behind the Crusades, the invasion of the Americas and subsequent genocides, Napoleon, Talaat Pasha, Trotsky, Stalin, Tojo, Hitler, Mao, and now Bush.

Iran is not the first nation that Jewry has targeted, nor do they plan to stop at Iran. After they have genocided the Iranians, they will kill off the Arabs, Kurdish and Turkish Peoples who have helped them, one nation at a time. They will again destroy Russia. And they will most viciously crush America.

Iranians cheered as Saddam fell. Now Iranians are under fire. Saudis cheer as Iranians are attacked. Next Saudis will rot. Americans wave flags as they soldier and slave for Jewry. Next, Americans will die.

We all have a common enemy who is warring against us. We should unite against it, instead of doing its work for it. We can end the Jewish war on the human race quickly and humanely. We need only preserve our dignity as human beings and work together for peace and the betterment of mankind. We need only name the enemy and show its machinations. We need only refuse to become degenerate, genocidal beasts, and extend a hand of friendship to the world. It will be our lives and our souls we save, together with the rest of the human race.

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