Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mearsheimer and Walt for President

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Don't you wish we had impeached Bush and Cheney years ago? Of course, the Zionists would still own the media and the Congress, but impeachment would have put an end to the success of their war plans, because impeachment would have shown that the American People will not stand for more Zionist mass murder of innocent people. Instead of fighting a Bill of Impeachment, Bush and Cheney are planning to drop tactical nuclear weapons on Iran:

Bush setting America up for war with Iran

Report: US wants war with Iran

I predicted on 31 January 2006 that Bush and Cheney would attack Iran with tactical nuclear weapons, and my prediction was surprising and shocking to Ray McGovern, a retired CIA officer:

The Congress is largely silent, as are the American People. However, the economy is teetering on the brink of disaster, and if Bush and Cheney attack Iran, America will be severely impacted. A third party team of presidential candidates will stand a fair chance at getting elected, because the Democrats in Congress who were elected to end the war did not fulfill their duty to the American People and the Constitution, and because Bush and Cheney have not been denounced by the Republican Party. Americans will turn away from both of these Zionist controlled parties, if given a sane alternative.

Enter a team like John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt, who could lead an anti-war America first party. The American People will soon be so disgusted with the Zionist controlled mass media and Congress, that they will welcome a gutsy third party run by highly respected figures of the quality of Mearsheimer and Walt, who have proven the courage of their convictions and their willingness to defend the best interests of the nation. The mere act of running could help to prevent the coming war on Iran, if some anti-war candidates adopt the proper platform.

The anti-war party should pledge to pardon all military, enlisted and officers, who refuse to obey illegal orders to conduct aggressive, undeclared war. The anti-war party should pledge to prosecute all traitors who place Israel first and act to bring America into unnecessary and illegal war. They should pledge to seek the death penalty for all such acts of treason. If the American People show interest in such a platform, the cowardly psychopaths pushing and planning for nuclear war will crawl back under their rocks.

The anti-war party could garner instant attention with commercials depicting the horrors of nuclear war, and showing Zionists like Clinton, Obama, Romney and Giuliani openly talking about nuking Iran. Show human beings with their flesh burned off, with their faces dripping off into their bone bare hands. Tell Americans that nuclear war against Iran could very well lead to nuclear war against them. That will wake up Americans! If not, we will all burn in a Hell of our own making.