Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Robert Spencer: Another Andrew G. Bostom?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Like Andrew G. Bostom, Robert Spencer is an author who has written books which are highly critical of Moslem "Jihad". Like Bostom, Spencer is erroneously attempting to define the Armenian genocide as if it were a Moslem "Jihad", without mentioning a word about the Jews who were behind The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, or their racist and genocidal Judaist belief that the Armenians are the Amalekites and that the Jews must exterminate the Armenians.

Note the last two paragraphs of the following article, and also note the information on Robert Spencer's background, which appears below the article:

Abe Foxman's Fear By Robert Spencer

"Foxman's Fear"? Indeed! Is Abraham Foxman unaware of the documented history of the Armenian genocide, and the fact that Jewish leaders were behind it? Daniel Pipes, a highly influential Jewish Zionist, has heard of the British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire Sir Gerard Lowther's statements that the "Young Turks" were led by Jews.


The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress knows that many Armenians believe, "that Jews organized the Genocide in 1915."


But what of Abraham Foxman? Is he unaware of this history? The Armenian Government should ask him.