Friday, September 21, 2007

Stilling the Voices of Dissent

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Being a people "of the book", Jews have always practiced censorship, and sought to imprison and murder those who dare to disagree with the "Rabbis and sages". The Jewish Talmud, in Erubin 21b, states (see also: Sanhedrin 88b),

"[A]s to the laws of the Scribes, whoever transgresses any of the enactments of the Scribes incurs the penalty of death. [***] This8 teaches that he who scoffs at the words of the Sages will be condemned to boiling excrements. [***] [F]or [neglecting] the words of the Rabbis3 one deserves death[.]"—I. Epstein, Erubin 21b, "Erubin", The Babylonian Talmud, Volume 9, The Soncino Press, London, (1938), pp. 148-151, at 149-150.

This dogmatism on pain of death hurt Jewry during the Enlightenment. Christians advanced, while Jews lagged behind. Jewry's demand that all obey Jewish dogma compels Jews to chop off the heads of Christians, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, and other "idolaters", pursuant to the Noahide Laws of the Talmud in Sanhedrin folios 56a-60b. Many Jews feel justified in wrecklessly defaming anyone who tells truths which defy the dogma World Jewry sets forth in self-aggrandizement and to cover up Jewish crimes and Jewish lies. World Jewry is bold enough to demand that World leaders not violate Jewish dogma, lest they be imprisoned. World Jewry obstructs free and open discussion on issues it deems taboo.

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