Saturday, September 01, 2007

Two of the Worst Genocidal Mass Murderers in History Were Crypto-Jewish Freemasons Working for the Rothschilds

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is well known that Lev Davidovich Bronstein, a.k.a. "Leon Trotsky" was a Jewish Freemason under the employ of the Rothschilds. What is less well known is that Talaat Pasha was also a Jewish Freemason working for the Rothschilds.

A couple of sources claim that Talaat was a Bulgarian Gypsy. Other sources point out that Talaat was a Doenmeh crypto-Jew from Salonika. On page 52 of my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, there is a reference to "Osman Talaat" as a Doenmeh Freemason. This reference comes from the Constantinople Correspondent of the Times of London, and it originally appeared on 9 August 1911, on page 3 of the Times. On page 223 of my book, there is a reference to Talaat Bey as a Doenmeh from Salonika. This reference comes from an article by Marcelle Tinayre first published in the French newspaper L'Illustration in December of 1923, which was then translated as "Saloniki" and published in The Living Age, Volume 320, Number 4156, (1 March 1924), pp. 417-421. On page 224 of my book, there is yet another reference to Talaat as a Doenmeh of Salonika. The reference is from Rafael De Nogales in his book Four Years Beneath the Crescent.

The Doenmeh sought to conceal their Jewish identity, so it is not surprising that Talaat would circulate false claims as to his anscestry. In addition, many Moslems were raising concerns that the Ottoman Empire had been taken over by Zionist Jews who wanted to take Palestine from the Arabs, and Jerusalem from Islam. This also created an incentive for Talaat to lie about his anscestry. There are many sources in my book which refer generally to the leaders of the Committee of Union and Progress as Jews, but I have not mentioned these, though they are evidence, given that Talaat was such a leader.