Friday, September 07, 2007

Zionist Jews Are Scapegoating Turkish Moslems and Armenian Christians for the Zionist Jews' Desire to Cover up the Armenian Genocide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Scapegoating is an ancient Jewish tradition found in the Hebrew Bible in the Jewish book of Leviticus, chapter 16, and in the Jewish Talmud in the book of Yoma. Since the "Young Turks" who sought to exterminate the Armenians were in fact genocidal Jews, not Moslem Turks, Jews have an incentive to suppress official recognition, and the attendant public awareness, of the Armenian genocide. At the same time, Zionist Jewry is eager to create more wars so that they can add more Armenian victims to the death toll, and so that they can accelerate their Jewish genocide of Moslem peoples.

Since truth, decency, honor, integrity and humanity are no obstacle to these inhuman monsters, Zionist Jews are agitating tensions between Moslems and Christians worldwide and are forever lying about the history of the Armenian genocide in ways which sow the seeds of discord between Christendom and Islam, and which hide the predominant Jewish role in the Armenian genocide and in the destruction of the Turkish Empire.

In Turkey and Azerbaijan, and now in the US, Jews are smearing Armenians as if anti-Semites, and are telling Moslems that it is in their best interests to attack these Christians yet again. Other Jews in the US, Armenia and Europe, are misleading Christians into believing the mythology that the allegedly terrible Moslems and the allegedly genocidal religion of Islam caused the Armenian genocide. Nowhere do they acknowledge the fact that the "Young Turks" were old Jews, and that the genocidal and racist Jewish religious mythology of the Amalekites, and the Jewish lie that Armenians are the Amalekites, were key elements in The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians.

Of course, if the genocide resolutions pass, this will increase the likelihood of lawsuits for reparations and restitution. Such lawsuits will lead to the investigation of the genocide, with a strong incentive to identify the guilty parties. Both the Armenians and the Turks will discover that it was World Jewry which committed the crime. This process of discovery will also be accelerated by the fact that the general public will take an interest in this subject and read my book, and all of the information which is certain follow on this issue.

There are Jews who are desperate to prevent exposure of this Jewish crime against humanity. This is why it seems that everywhere you turn in the news to find information about the Armenian genocide resolutions in the US Congress, some Jew is defaming Armenians, Turks, Islam, and/or Christianity. Some Jews deny the genocide, proffering the excuse that they do so to appease the Turks, but in so doing these Jews scapegoat the Turks for the Jewish cover up, and defame the Turks as if potential, or very active, anti-Semites. These same Jews are often now defaming the Armenians by calling them anti-Semites, as well. They do not acknowledge the increasingly well known fact that Jews committed the Armenian genocide and that Jews destroyed the Turkish Empire.

Other Jews heap all of the blame for the Armenian genocide on Moslems and Islam, and attempt to stir up genocidal hatred in Christians towards Moslems. Decent Jews watch in amazement as indecent Jews commit seemingly inexplicably heinous acts against Armenians who merely ask for the same recognition of the genocide of their people, which Jews have received. Too often, when well meaning people attempt to explain to these otherwise decent Jews what it is that underlies this seemingly inexplicable and hypocritical Jewish behavior, they react with a kneejerk response and whine, "anti-Semitism!" It is 1915 all over again!

Jewry is lying, committing genocide and denying genocide, yet Jewry accuses the rest of the world of "anti-Semitism". If it weren't so deadly serious, it would be tragically humorous.