Monday, October 29, 2007

Another Warning to Turkey

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Israeli Knesset, which as an arm of World Jewry controls our Israeli fifth-column Congress, was a party to the postponement of the Armenian Genocide Resolution. I again warn the Turks to carefully read the press reports and note well that the resolution still hangs over your heads by the tattered thread of a prayer shawl, like a sword of Damocles waiting to fall on your neck when World Jewry has turned on you. Haaretz reports:

"Two and a half weeks ago the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee decided to recognize the Armenian genocide - that Turkey had perpetrated genocide against its Armenian population. The harsh Turkish response to this decision, and the pressure exerted by Turkey, resulted in the decision to not bring it before Congress for approval, and this worsened the crisis even more. The Knesset, it turns out, was a party to the pressure. [***] The truth is that even before the Congressional committee's decision, Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan met with Steinitz during a visit to Israel, and ask Steinitz's assistance in opposing the decision. Steinitz says that he mentioned this, of his own volition, to several congressmen. He believes that the Israeli position influenced the shelving of the committee's decision. The Armenian holocaust will have to wait for a time when Turkey's strategic importance declines."Shahar Ilan, "Defining breach of trust",,, (30 October 2007).

Armenia offers you true friendship. Israel lies and waits, lies in wait to ambush you at the proper time. They will defame you all over the World as if Turks were genetically predisposed to racism and genocide. They will scapegoat you for the actions of the Jewish "Young Turks". Remember that Jewry has required human scapegoats ever since the destruction of the Temple.

The Jewish mythology of the scapegoat is found in the Hebrew Bible at Leviticus 16 and in the Jewish Talmud in the book of Yoma and your Turkish red flag will hang from the door of the Jewish Temple when they tear it from your neck and send you to the Devil—the Temple that will rise like the Gates of Hell bursting through the crumbling Earth, rise where Al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock stand today, if you let them fall.

Turkey, you are being set up. When they are done using your army for their purposes, they will defame you and then destroy you.

Your best defense against the Zionists is the truth. Your best weapon is peace.