Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ask the Treacherous Israelis, They Created, Finance, Train and Otherwise Support the PKK

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Gates laments the fact that the slaughter of the Kurds will not be effective in crushing the PKK, which America and Israel train to commit terrorist acts against Turkey and Iran, until such time as accurate intelligence is gathered as to their whereabouts:

Gates: More intel needed on Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq

Instead of blaming the Armenians for the Turkish-PKK conflict, the US Government ought to demand that our "ally" (read worst enemy) Israel disclose all of its information related to the PKK, so that this terrorist organization can be disbanded. After all, the PKK is an arm of the Mossad, meant to agitate Israel's second most important "ally" Turkey into starting World War III.

If the Turks truly want to shut down the PKK, instead of working with the Israelis to betray and kill the Kurds, then Turkey should demand that the Israelis open their books and lead the Turks to the PKK, which are an arm of the Mossad. Of course, that would mean that Israel would have to admit to the World public that they are inhuman scum who pretend to be an ally of the Turkish People, while concurrently creating and sponsoring a terrorist organization to attack Turkey and divide Turkish citizens against themselves. Of course, that would mean that Israel would have to openly betray its organization the PKK to certain death at the hands of outraged Turks, but then that was the plan from the beginning!

Yes, Israel, show what a noble ally you are to Turkey and give them your intelligence on the PKK which you created and trained in order to Balkanize Turkey and spark World War III.