Thursday, October 18, 2007

Barbara Lerner Compares Armenians to Palestinians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Barbara Lerner, with whom my regular readers are already acquainted—she gave us the term "Genocide Zealots" in her article for the National Review Online, "Judgment Time: Should America recognize an Armenian Genocide?"—has published another article, "History Speaks: The moral case against the Armenian Genocide resolution." In this second article, Lerner likens the Armenians to the Palestinians, claiming that both are good propagandists, but incompetent at governing. It is an interesting comparison, though her conclusions are false and incredibly insulting. Evidently, Ms. Lerner often travels to Israel:

EYELESS IN GAZA: what the terrorists know that we don't by Barbara Lerner

I would say that both Armenians and Palestinians are targets of World Jewry and both have endured the Jewish genocide of their peoples for the Jewish cause of stealing Palestine from its indigenous population. Both are targets of the Jewish media and both endure the vilification of their peoples in the Jewish media. Both Armenians and Palestinians are called "anti-Semites" when they tell the truth about the Jewish genocide of their peoples. Both Armenians and Palestinians are "Amalekites" in the eyes of World Jewry; and, therefore, in the eyes of World Jewry, both Armenians and Palestinians must be exterminated.

Armenians would be wise to observe the comparisons. It is the basis of your modern history, the Armenian Genocide under the Jewish "Young Turks", the deliberate depopulation and economic strangulation of Armenia today, and the current round of defamations being hurled at the Armenians in the Jewish press.