Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bob Novak Reports that Rabid Zionist Congressman Rahm Emanuel Always Opposed Official Recognition of the Armenian Genocide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Robert Novak reports that,

"Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the House Democratic Caucus chairman, dissented from Speaker Nancy Pelosi's support of a resolution condemning the 92-year-old Armenian genocide that has proved to be the big blunder of her tenure. [***] [H]e always has opposed the long-standing effort by the Armenian-American community, dating back to his days as President Clinton's political aide."Robert Novak, "Emanuel didn't back Pelosi on Armenian genocide resolution", Chicago Sun-Times, http://www.suntimes.com/news/novak/623639,CST-EDT-NOVAK28.article, (28 October 2007).

Why would the highly influential Zionist Jew Rahm Emanuel have long opposed recognition of the Armenian Genocide? Leon T. Hadar wrote of Emanuel,

"The build up was choreographed by a skillful White House team led, ironically, by a presidential assistant, Rahm Emanuel, who had served in the Israeli military during the Gulf War and whose father had fought in the 1948 Middle East war as a member of the Irgun. (Emanuel, incidentally, played the role of Yasir Arafat in the preceremony rehearsal.)"Leon T. Hadar, "The Picture and the Spin", Journal of Palestine Studies, Volume 23, Number 2 (Winter, 1994), pp. 84-94, at 84.

Elisabeth Bumiller wrote,

"All are the sons of an Israeli father, now a 70-year-old Chicago pediatrician, who passed secret codes for Menachem Begin's underground."Elisabeth Bumiller, "The Brothers Emanuel", The New York Times, http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?sec=health&res=9E0DE1DF173FF936A25755C0A961958260, (15 June 1997).