Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Closing the Front Door. . . and the Back Door. . . of the Trap

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


The Jewish controlled PKK are prodding the Turks to strike into Iraq. The Jewish Doenmeh of Turkey are propagandizing the Turks to attack the Kurds.

Real Turks and real Kurds ought to shut the doors to this trap.

Turkey will only worsen matters if it falls into the trap of invading Iraq. Kurds will only suffer if they do not do everything in their power to shut down the PKK and turn in the Mossad and crypto-Jews who run the PKK. The UN must address Israel's perpetual agitations for war in the Middle East. Turkey and the Kurds ought to sue the Israeli warmongers.

Turkey cannot afford a prolonged conflict in mountainous regions as winter approaches. Turkey cannot afford dramatically increased sedition, and outright civil war, on its soil. Kurds, you will not gain Kurdistan by provoking World War III, despite what the Jews have falsely promised you. Azers, you will not take Eastern Armenia, Northern Iran and become a part of a greater Azerbaijan by joining with Turks in war, despite what the Jews have falsely promised you. Armenians, you will not take Western Armenia and Baku when Turkey is Balkanized in the planned war, despite what the Jews have falsely promised you. All you all will receive is ruined cities and corpses piled up to the moon, if you play along with the Jews in hopes of expanded territory and ancient glory.

Instead of killing one another off to profit the Jews, unite and confront your common enemy with peace between you. Build the region into a prosperous and cooperative hub between East and West. Let Israel, instead of you, rot on their scavenger diet. Force the parasite into cannibalism.

Moslems and Christians of the Middle East, you must create new institutions to resolve conflicts between you and promote peace and stability. World Jewry controls the international institutions of the World today, and is using them to destroy you. Save yourselves and keep them out. Stop fighting one another and start helping one another. In this way you will close out your real enemy and help yourselves.