Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Dangers of Rewarding Genocide and Threats

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

What if Zionist Pelosi, and Murtha, who sometimes pretends to oppose the war in Iraq but always seems to stand in the way of measures to stop it, quash the Armenian genocide resolution; but Turkey unleashes unholy hell on the Kurds anyway? Is not one of the chief reasons for condemning genocide, the prevention of future genocides? Is there not evidence that the failure to condemn and punish genocide leads to a repetition of genocide?

How will the genocide deniers in Congress look if they fail to follow through on the genocide resolution, if and when the Turks, under orders from the Jewish Doenmeh, commit slaughter on the Kurds? The American Congress, which, together with the media, are controlled by Jewry, are empowering and rewarding those who have committed genocide, and encouraging them to repeat their crimes against the human race. The message Congress is sending to the World is that if you commit genocide, the best way to cover up your crime is to pledge to commit further genocide and to throw the World into chaos. The American Congress, controlled by Jewry, is rewarding genocide and encouraging threats of future genocide.

The Jewish controlled press has even added quotation marks to the genocide in the Armenian Genocide. Jews are degrading and mocking the target group of genocide, the Armenians, a group very much still at risk in Turkey and in Armenia. Denial of genocide also encourages genocide. Jews around the World are again providing us with countless examples of how Jewry has always encouraged and perpetrated genocide by defaming and ridiculing target populations and by ginning up wars to provide the theater for their Jewish campaigns of genocidal slaughter.

The Armenians should produce ads showing butchered Armenians and then flash the genocide deniers in Congress on the screen and quote their lies and excuses. Show Turkish leaders denying the genocide, then show the mutilated corpses of Armenian scholars.

Show the genocided Kurds that the Zionists' friend Saddam Hussein attacked. Let the Turks know that they are being set up, as was Saddam and Iraq, for a genocidal attack on them. The Jewish controlled American Government gave Saddam the go ahead to attack Kuwait. Not long after, they hanged Haman Hussein, Kurd killer and invader.

The lesson the Kurds took from this history is that they are a step closer to a nation of Kurdistan, because Saddam slaughtered them. They are baiting you, Turkey, with the same Zionist trap. The Zionists want the oil of Baku and Kirkuk. They also want the corpses of tens of millions more Moslems, including you, Turkey. Take pride for now, if you must, in the American Government's feigned cowardice before your threats. The fall that accompanies that pride will shatter Turkey into several pieces.