Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Defending the Armenian Community

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Armenians can inform the American public with a television campaign and counter the media's campaign to scuttle the Armenian Genocide Resolution in the House of Representatives. Armenian leaders should fund and produce a series of television "commercials" showing the horrors of the Armenian genocide and calling on Americans to pressure their representatives in the Congress to pass H. Res. 106. This will be an effective way of countering the media's assault on the Armenian community.

Politicians will have a far more difficult time voting against the resolution when the American public have been exposed to the horrors of the Armenian genocide and seen images of it. Any politician who votes against the resolution will then have associated him or herself with the genocide and this will provoke an emotional reaction in their constituency, and they will know it. Armenians have to make it unpopular to oppose the genocide resolution, and running a series of "ads" on television, and in print media, condemning Armenian genocide denial, and putting a human face on the genocide, is a good way to do this.