Friday, October 12, 2007

Don't Whine, Fight Back!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Armenians have shown the world that fighting back against World Jewry works. Israeli interests are not all powerful and can be easily defeated. It is only the myth of their invincibility and their use of smear tactics which keeps them on top. Both are failing them. We have to organize and show courage. We can clean up our political system if only we become more involved in it.

Consider the following report:

"In contrast to past years, when many Jewish organizations lobbied against similar Armenian genocide resolutions, most Jewish groups avoided taking a stance on the issue.

According to one Jewish leader, this was the result 'of the growing Armenian pressure on the Jewish community.' He said the decision of American Jewish organizations not to take a stance would 'absolutely' affect the relationship these groups had with Turkey and could spill over into the Turkish-Israeli relationship."Hilary Leila Krieger and Herb Keinon, "Israel braces as US-Turkey crisis erupts", The Jerusalem Post,, (12 October 2007).