Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Further Sabotage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


World Jewry is putting pressure on the US Congress at this time when the Armenian genocide resolution is coming up, by creating a crisis between Turkey and the US. Erdogan and much of the rest of the Turkish government are either crypto-Jews or controlled by crypto-Jews. Secular Turks love their army and see it as a continuation of the legacy of Ataturk—and it is, to the detriment of Turkey and the region.

The Kurdish rebels are also controlled by Jews, more specifically by Israelis. World Jewry can spark World War III at any time by using the Kurds to provoke the Turks. The Kurds will obey the orders of the Mossad, because Jewry has promised the Kurds that after WW III they will be given a large nation of Kurdistan and control the oil of Kirkuk and possibly even Baku. Turkey is run by Jews in both government and private institutions. Turkey will attack any nation at any time at the request of the Jewish bankers, and a large segment of secular Turkey will cheer on their own demise as they did when the Jewish "Young Turks" destroyed the Turkish Empire in the name of Turkish pride.

This threat looms large, but the present brush fire is meant to pressure the US Congress to NOT agitate Turkey at this time by passing House Resolution 106. It is a game meant to give Jews in Congress a pretext for denying the genocide and quashing the resolution before there is even a vote.

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