Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Honorable Way Out for Turkey

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Turkey must do something to curtail Kurdish terrorism. That said, slaughtering Kurds and invading Iraq is not the best response to the Armenian Genocide Resolutions in the US Congress. A far better response is to point out the well documented fact that the "Young Turk" leaders who perpetrated the Armenian genocide were Jews, and these racist Jews committed this crime in order to fulfill Jewish religious mythologies of the theft of Palestine and the annihilation of the "Amalekite" Armenians. These Jews deliberately destroyed the Turkish Empire while mass murdering the Armenians.

Do not allow the Jews to lead you into more self destruction. Clothe yourselves in the truth and it will protect you and flatter your honor.

The Armenians are not your enemy. Your enemy is Israel. Israel, the nation of the Jews, destroyed the Turkish Empire, soiled your good name, and brought you into world war. They want to do the same to you again. Fight your real enemy, Israel, and side with your real allies, Armenia and pan-Islam.