Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Israel's Fifth Column in America: The Zionist Bush Administration Demands that the House of Representatives Deny the Armenian Genocide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish controlled Bush Administration has again shamed America with its genocide denial and acquiescence to foreign threats, intimidation and lobbying. The same traitorous administration that sponsors Israel's attempted genocide of the Lebanese and continued genocide of the Palestinians, this administration which has committed genocide against helpless Iraqis at the behest of Israel and which seeks to genocide Iran and Syria in service to Jewry, Bush & Co. demand that the US Congress cower before the crypto-Jews of Turkey and cover up their crimes against the human race, The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians. Why should we be surprised by their hypocrisy and inhumanity, when the raison d'etre of the Bush Administration is to subvert the interests of the United States of America in favor of the will of World Jewry?

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