Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Kurds Are Only Just Beginning to Pay the Price for Siding up with Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Perhaps it is bad Karma stemming from the aid the Kurds gave the Jewish "Young Turks" when the Kurds assisted Jewry in its campaign to exterminate the Armenians. The Kurds have only begun to taste their own blood. They will soon drown in it. Jewry has no intentions of letting Moslem Kurds or Turks or Azers control the oil of Baku and Kirkuk. Rather, Jewry is exploiting the greed and opportunism of Kurdish leaders to lead the Kurds into beginning their own annihilation. The Kurds would be well advised to break off their ties to Israel and to join with the rest Islam against Zionism and the many genocides that Jews have perpetrated in the Middle East will finally end. If the Kurds continue to partner with an enemy which despises them and which views their very lives as a crime against God, the Kurds will themselves suffer the fate they seek to impose on others and the sword which severs their heads will be held in Jewish hands.

Armenians once thought they could work with Zionist Jews to form an Armenian nation at the expense of a few million Armenian lives sacrificed without permission by treacherous Armenian leaders. Instead, they got the iron boot of Jewish Bolshevism followed by deliberate depopulation and economic strangulation.

The Kurds are scheduled by Jewry for death. Kurdish leaders are dutifully obliging their Israeli masters' orders for the destruction of the Kurdish People based on the false promise that it will ultimately result in the formation of Kurdistan. I predicted these events a long time ago. There has got to be a better way. . .

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