Thursday, October 11, 2007

Memo to Turkey: Violence Is the Stupidest Way to Refute a Charge of Genocide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I appeal to the Turkish People to think rationally about your situation and look to improve it, rather than worsen it. World Jewry has been holding you back and destroying your society, your one-time vast empire, for centuries. They have sought to make you part of the homogenous Goy soup which they are commanded to brew in the Noahide Laws (Sanhedrin 56a-60b). They have sought to steal Palestine from your empire, and destroy the rest of it. They have sought to exterminate the Armenian "Amalekites" who kept your empire alive and thriving. They have sought to take the oil fields under your control. They have sought to rob you of the trade routes between East and West. Ultimately they seek to viciously enslave you and mass murder you. They have deliberately caused two world wars and brought Jewish Bolshevism to your borders and placed you under the yoke of crypto-Jewish dictators. They now plan to issue you the coup de grace and begin World War III.

Your leaders are their citizens, secret members of the tribe. Consider the self-destructive and self-defeating policy they are implementing of responding to a charge of genocide by threatening the genocide of the Kurds. Who benefits from this other than Israel, which has been training the Kurds to attack you, and which wants to spark a third world war through your retaliation against the aggression against you, which Jews are secretly orchestrating. Who will lose? Kurdish and Turkish Moslems will lose. Pan-Islam will lose as South-West Asia and North-East Africa fall into Jewish hands to form "Greater Israel", as the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock are demolished to make room for a Jewish Temple, and as the Jewish Messiah Al-Dajjal is anointed King of the Jews and King of the World.

You are stupidly doing everything World Jewry wants you to do. Even some of those among you who expose the Doenmeh refuse to blame the Doenmeh for the Armenian genocide. These same persons take the Doenmeh dictator Ataturk as the ideal model for "Turkishness". You cannot afford to be this dumb.

Turkey has many opportunities, and through peace and better international relations can prosper, as can the entire Middle East. The heaviest burden of the yoke which Jacob has place around your neck is that it has seemingly cut off the flow of blood to your brain. Find leaders who can think, instead of react with violence to every challenge. Your long term survival depends upon your ability to use your head, instead of your fists.

Your crypto-Jewish leaders have scripted your mindless actions to have you play the role and fulfill the stereotype of stupid and violent Ishmael, so that they will have a pretext to vilify and dehumanize all Moslems, then kill you all. Do not oblige their plans for your destruction. Fight back by being peaceful. Peace is the enemy of World Jewry and the best means to defeat them.