Friday, October 19, 2007

Much Good Has Come from the Armenian Genocide Resolution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Compared to a year ago, when few knew of Armenia, let alone of the Armenian Genocide, today the Armenian Genocide receives intensive international attention. That in itself is a major victory.

Even the wiser of the Jews in the media, and their agents in government, are smart enough to acknowledge the genocide they seek to trivialize, lest they face inevitable stigmatization as genocide deniers when the Armenian community recovers from the blow Jewry has just delivered them—from the betrayal of friendships and moral principles—from the blatant Jewish hypocrisy—from the organized Jewish campaign to laud the Turks and defame the Armenians—when the Armenian community recovers its wind after the swift Zionist kick to the groin and begins to expose the liars and hypocrites.

The lessons for the American People in general are clear. The media and the leaders of the Democratic Party are effectively neo-Conservative Jews and their agents, who have only pretended to be anti-war so that they can control the opposition and not only keep the war going, but expand it. The Jewish controlled mass media and the Jewish controlled American Government seize on every opportunity to forward the Israeli war agenda, which is to foment World War III and destroy the Moslem nations of the Middle East.

Though it is forever scapegoating others, the enemy has exposed itself. The snake has struck without warning and mercilessly bitten the Armenians in the back. It is to be expected, given that Jewry attempted to exterminate the Armenians in the Jewish controlled Ottoman Empire. The recent bite in the back was a lesson the Armenians had to learn and will not forget.

I hope the American People, and real Turks, also closely examine the duplicitous scales of the snake, which camouflage the poisoned fangs that sink into all those who have the misfortune to stumble upon it. The serpent, which daily spits lies into our eyes to blind us from the danger, is coiled around us and will soon chew on our souls, as well.