Friday, October 19, 2007

On the Lies Jewry Are Spreading About the Armenian Genocide Resolution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In order to justify their depravity and scapegoat the Armenians and common Democrats for the organized Jewish campaign to trivialize the Armenian Genocide, for which genocide Jewry is responsible, Jews in the press and Jewish controlled politicians have spread several outrageous and obvious lies. If we had a legitimate press, instead of a Jewish controlled press, and if we had America-first politicians instead of Israel-first politicians, these Jewish lies would have no legs, like the snake which spreads them uncontested in the mass media it owns.

Jews are now spreading the lie that there is a legitimate academic dispute as to whether or not the Armenian Genocide was in fact a genocide. The Jewish controlled media has taken to wrapping quotation marks around the word genocide in Armenian Genocide. Though it had already been established beyond reasonable doubt that the Armenian Genocide was just that, all of the new evidence reinforces that fact.

Jews in the media are spreading the lie that Democrats introduced the Armenian Genocide Resolution knowing that Turkey would seize on this opportunity to raise the issue of the PKK in order to destabilize Iraq, and that Turkey, our key ally, would have no choice when the truth was told but to stab America in the back and as our key ally kick us out of their country. They assert that was done to end the war in Iraq.

The reality is that Nancy Pelosi has worked to continue the Iraq War and spread it to Iran and Syria. Placed into power without opposition or choice as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, she immediately took the option of impeaching the Zionist warmongers George Bush and Dick Cheney off the table, thereby ensuring their ability to continue to subvert American interests for Israeli interests. She has led a crowd of dishonest Democratic leaders who control opposition to the war and do what they can to ensure that it continue to spread, while deceitfully pretending to oppose it. It may well be that these Democrats knew what would be the planned Turkish response and hoped to trigger World War III in this way, but they most certainly were not out to end the Iraq War.

If we had an honest media, instead of a Jewish controlled media, they would point out the known and proven fact that Israel and America have been training the PKK to attack Turkey and Iran, and have done next nothing to end those attacks. It is America and Israel which have deliberately destabilized Iraq and promoted the fighting between the PKK and Turkey.

Yet the Jewish controlled press scapegoats the Armenians and the Democratic Party for this crisis, which Jewry has created with their Communist agents in the PKK and their Doenmeh control over Turkey. Jewry has long been planning to use this manufactured crisis to trigger an expansion of the Jewish war on Islam, as I have been pointing out for years.

Where is the condemnation of Turkey for insisting that America deny the Armenian Genocide? Where is the condemnation of Turkey for threatening alleged American interests? Where is the condemnation of Turkey for contributing to the destabilization of the Middle East over the moral act of telling the truth? Where is the Jewish voice demanding that genocide be recognized and officially condemned? Where is the Jewish outrage that genocide denial is accompanied by threats of additional violence in Turkey? Why is not the Jewish controlled media pointing out that the very reason why the Armenian Genocide must be recognized is to discourage further Turkish violence?

Turkey needs America and Europe far more than we need them. The American cowardice in the face of Turkish threats is as phony as the "opposition" to the war of Zionist snakes like Nancy Pelosi, but as long as we continue to allow the snakes to control every aspect of the debate, we will never be able to untangle them, and they will win by default—which of course means that we will lose.