Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pelosi's Plight: The Jewish Quandary I Caused

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is being torn apart by two arms of the same octopus. On the one hand, Zionist Jewry wants to attack Islam and stick the genocide label on Moslems. On the other hand, the most powerful Jews in the World are well aware that their ancestors perpetrated The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians.

The Bush Administration is openly opposed to congressional resolutions condemning the genocide of Armenian Christians, this while they are busy committing genocide against the Iraqis and planning genociding the Iranians and Syrians for the benefit of the bloodthirsty Israelis who own them. Pelosi plays the role of opposition to this neo-Conservative lunacy, but top Jews are growing increasingly anxious that the Moslems will not suffer from exposure of the Armenian genocide, but rather the World public will learn that Jewry is responsible. What will puppet Pelosi do, now that her strings are all bunched up in a knot?

Sides are being taken in the media. It appears that I have placed World Jewry in a terrible quandary. The worms are squirming like the confused tentacles of a mad octopus which refuses to embrace the truth from any direction.

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