Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Real Reason for the Turkish Threats Against the PKK, Iraq and American Forces in Iraq

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


The crypto-Jews who run Turkey made it all too obvious that their present threats to invade Iraq are meant to quash the Armenian genocide resolution. Note that these threats are made the day before the House Foreign Affairs Committee will hear the issue of House Resolution 106 which recognizes the Armenian genocide. Note further that these threats against the Kurds, Iraqis and Americans were made together with threatening letters to Pelosi and Bush warning them of the consequences of passage of House Resolution 106 recognizing the Armenian genocide. It is all a little too coincidental to escape the attention of a watchful eye.

Note the blatant hypocrisy and double standards of the Zionist warmongers in the Bush regime. In their quest for a pretext to commit genocide on the Iranians, at the behest of Israel and World Jewry, Zionists in the American Government are calling for an American attack on Iran for allegedly interfering in Iraq. Contrast this with the fact that these same Zionists reward the Turks for threatening Iraq and America, by themselves calling on the House of Representatives to NOT pass the Armenian genocide resolution because it might provoke a Turkish attack on Iraq. We must never allow America to be openly threatened without an aggressive response! However, instead appropriately responding to the open Turkish threats of aggressive war, the Jewish fifth column in the White House joins in the chorus of these threats against the American People and the American Military!

Traitors, these Zionists are traitors! But we must not blame the Turkish Moslems, most of whom want only to live in peace. We must point the finger of blame directly at World Jewry and the Doenmeh who continually subvert Turkish and American interests in favor of Israeli warmongering. We must point the finger of blame at the traitorous Bush Administration which has sold out the American People and the American Military to the Jewish warmongers. They disgrace us each day with their treachery and genocidal attacks on innocent people.

This little game which World Jewry is playing with the Turks, Americans, Iraqis and Kurds threatens to draw the World into World War III, and Jewry is playing it simply to cover up the fact that Jewry committed the Armenian genocide. This is the level of selfish inhumanity we face when we fight back against the Jewish war on the human race. Billions might die only so that Jewry can hide its past genocide against Christian Gentiles. Count yourself among the billions at risk.

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