Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thankfully, Word Is Spreading

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



I have been trying to warn people of the PKK threat to the World for years. We need more and more people to sound the alarm and stop this mad march to World War III. Sy Hersh has reported on many issues which I have raised years ago. . . the plans for attacking Iran with tactical nuclear weapons. . . the PKK, etc. We need to get this out everywhere so that the Zionist Jews who provoke these wars face such broad exposure that the World public will finally act to stop them and prosecute them.

Hersh often fails to draw all of the correct conclusions, but I have predicted these things and explained why they are happening long ago. People aren't stupid. Many people will connect the dots as word spreads. Please help to speed up the process.

Hersh: US, Israel support PKK

Who's Behind the PKK?