Thursday, October 11, 2007

Turkey Looks Like a Big, Stupid Bully

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Dear Turkey,

You are being set up for World War III in the exact same way that you were set up for the First World War. Jewry controls your government, now as then. Jewry has artificially created an apparent subversive group within your territory, now as then. Jewry is making you appear to be a mindless bloodthirsty nation in the international press they control, now as then.

Soberly consider the parallels. Jewry has planted a subversive revolutionary group on your soil in a subgroup of Kurds, just as they did with Armenians. They have promised these Kurds a nation, if they provoke you to provoke the Third World War and slaughter them, just they did with the Armenians, the First World War and the Armenian genocide. With all your threats and genocide denial, you appear exactly as did the "Red Sultan". You are following the Jewish script to the letter. They are following exactly the same formula which they used to alienate and destroy the Turkish Empire and the Aremnians, to alienate and destroy modern Turkey and the Kurds.