Monday, October 08, 2007

The Turks Are Waking Up, or Are They Being Set Up for a Still Worse Nightmare?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A friend has tipped me off to the following interesting article, which describes the fact that the Turks are waking up to the existence of the Doenmeh crypto-Jews who run, and run down, Turkey:

The Protocols of the Elders of Turkey

It is, however, odd that an anti-Doenmeh would be a devotee of Ataturk, who was himself not only a Doenmeh, but by his own accounts a direct descendant of Shabbatai Zevi. This may be explained by the fact that Ataturk promoted "Turkish Nationalism" in order to trick the Turks into destroying their own vast empire in the name of Turkish pride. This "Turkishness" which Ataturk promoted was crafted by Jewish positivists and is based on the Jewish Noahide Laws and the Jewish Cabalah.

Ataturk's campaign to Turkify Turkey was instead the Judaization of Turkey, the destruction of Turkish culture, Islam and the Turkish Empire. We have a parallel situation in America, where, at the covert instigation of Zionist Jews, "Christian" Zionists violate the most sacred of Christian principles in the name of Christianity, and destroy American democracy in the name of spreading democracy abroad.

Zionist Jews under the employ of the Rothschilds corrupted Turkey with the myth of pan-Turkism in order to sow the seeds of discord in the Ottoman Empire and to pit the Turks against Armenians, Greeks, Assyrian Christians, Arabs, Bulgarians, Serbians, etc. and thereby weaken the Turkish Empire in the name of strengthening it. This began long before the Doenmeh "Young Turks" took over the Turkish Empire, and was part of the Jewish bankers' strategy to take Palestine for the Jews, and the oil of Baku for the Rothschilds.

It may be that loyal and genuine Turks have succumbed to a counterfeit brand of Turkish nationalism promoted by the Jewish "Young Turks", which places them in the same Jewish hands that Russian nationalism in the form of Bolshevism places the most ardently nationalist Russians into Jewish hands, today as in the early 20th Century in both instances. But it is also odd that any anti-Doenmeh would seek to punish anyone who recognizes the Armenian genocide, on the false grounds that it "insults Turkishness". While it is true that it is still largely taboo to point the finger at Jewry for this crime which Jewry committed, one would think that Turks so bold as to take on the Doenmeh would correct the historians who "insult Turkishness" and join forces with them to lay the blame where it belongs, at the doorstep of the Zionist Jews and Doenmeh. Anti-Doenmeh should be challenged for not disclosing the fact that Ataturk was a Doenmeh and that the Doenmeh and Zionist Jews committed the Armenian genocide. If they balk and become emotional and refuse to discuss these facts, or accuse you of being a Zionist agent for pointing to these facts, I would be suspicious of them. If instead they ask for your evidence and discuss these issues in a civil and productive fashion, then the truth will be found for the benefit of all who are honest.

Turks should maintain a secular government, but not infringe on the fundamental human rights of Moslems. They should enter an era of true democracy and not be led by a military dictatorship of Doenmeh Jews and a fourth estate of Jewish media moguls. They should also be careful to promote what is truly in Turkey's best interests.

Whatever are the ultimate motives of those who are exposing the Doenmeh, their campaign will ultimately lead to the truth. The truth is that the "Young Turks" were a Jewish nightmare. The truth is that Ataturk was not the father of the Turks, but the guardian of Judaization. The truth is that Turkey should assume its natural role as a leader in Islam for unification, stability and peace throughout the Middle East. It can accomplish this role by exposing the Doenmeh, Israel and Zionists in general. But it must be careful not to generate an upheaval, which will give the Doenmeh the opportunity for a crack down on the society and the opportunity to execute all those who stand in opposition to the Jewish subversion of Turkish society.

Instead, proceed logically, patiently and strategically. Seek genuine allies, like the Armenians, who have more to revenge against the Doenmeh than even the ethnic Turks who lost their empire and their Turkishness in the name of crypto-Jewish Turkish pride. Be scrupulously faithful to the factual history of the Doenmeh and do not glorify any of their villainous leaders. If you are true to the history, you will save yourselves the horror of repeating it. Beware, the Germans were led into a prolonged nightmare by crypto-Jews who pretended to be anti-Semites so as to lead Germany into self-destruction and to found Israel. Do not let anti-Zionists who do not tell the full truth lead you into a similar pitfall, which may be a trap meant to expand Israel into "Greater Israel" and destroy Islam for all time. The likelihood of any such possibility (and the possibility itself is remote) ever being successful is very low. So encourage anyone and everyone to continue to expose the Doenmeh, but pay especial attention to what is left out, and what is preached as your salvation. Do those who expose these facts talk of peace and prosperity through growth and better international relations, or are they out to constrain Turkey in a tighter grasping fist and deliver it more securely to Jewry in the name of opposing Jewry?

Consider that the Talibani Kurds, Hamas Palestinians, Hezbullah Lebanese, etc. are all products of Jewry meant to throw Islam into internecine war. Use them, instead of being used by them. Promote peace and self-determination for all people.

Keep the wealth of Turkey for Turks and grow that wealth through better international relations. Pass a law that the Doenmeh must declare themselves and provide their family trees.

Rely on facts, not accusations. Get at the truth. The names of these families can be used by researchers around the globe to track down these crypto-Jews and investigate them.

The Doenmeh will themselves create anti-Doenmeh factions to control their opposition, so do not allow divisiveness on this issue, but rather promote openness and civil discourse. Watch out for smear mongers trying to muddy the waters, who recklessly charge anyone and everyone who is successful with being a Doenmeh. One way that the Doenmeh can ensure that their opposition will never have leaders who are not owned by them, and that their opposition will never achieve success, is to charge everyone who is successful at fighting the Doenmeh and reaching the public with the truth, with being a part of the Doenmeh. When everyone who is successful is shot down as if an agent of the enemy, there can never be success. Watch out for subversives who want to control information and people and promote petty infighting. Listen to those who promote honest disagreements and who promote unity and the active exchange of information even among those who disagree. Listen to those who provide solutions to the problems and work to make those solutions a success. Look to those who are looking to build. Watch out for those who tear down and cry out for revolution without first making an honest effort for civilized political action.

Things are about to heat up. The Doenmeh cannot hide. Shine a light on each and every one, and reward those who voluntarily come forward to expose the others. If we do not stop this Shabbataian movement, it may exterminate the human race.



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