Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Whose Side Is Nancy Pelosi on, America's or Israel's?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who found her way into that position as effortlessly as a snake makes its way from side to side—Pelosi claims to be against the war in Iraq, but is she controlled opposition representing Israel? Why isn't Pelosi leading a move to impeach Bush and Cheney before they attack Iran and expand the illegal and disastrous war in Iraq? Why does she stand in the way of efforts to end this genocidal war, which is rotting away America as surely as it is crucifying Iraq on the cross of Jewish war lust?

Pelosi and her treacherous Zionist ilk are a pox on both our congressional houses. The contagion spreads from Israel. It is a fifth column in our midst, clouding the clarity of any movement to rescue America with a subversive and divisive squirt of ink from the octopus of the Jewish fourth estate and Zionist controlled Congress. It blackens our future and turns us against ourselves, as we most need to unite against our enemy Israel. Our "saviors" muddy the waters and seep Israeli cess into our cisterns of power.

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